PSI Soccer Academy and WOSPAC Boarding Soccer Academy have a unique
collaboration established what has now given players the opportunity to play
soccer in Europe! WOSPAC is an international boarding soccer academy based in
Barcelona. With this collaboration, players from PSI Soccer Academy have now the
option to enjoy an unforgettable soccer opportunity!

The Boarding School Soccer Academy is for boys and girls from 10 to 23 years of age, for seasonal, quarterly, monthly or weekly stays. The stays include accommodation, diets, studies, soccer, insurance, care, and much more. WOSPAC is a company that offers soccer players from all over the world safe and quality stays in the city of Barcelona since 2010.

“Enjoy and experience soccer in an irreplaceable way full of opportunities in the city of BARCELONA, while you complete your education and your form as a player.”

With this new relationship between the two soccer entities we are aiming at long run player development and the scouting for talent. With this project set in base we want to offer young players the opportunity to play soccer at an unbeatable level that will make a player progress until reaching his/her maximum potential. This will also mean unfortunately that not every player can go to Barcelona. Only a few players will be granted and selected for this program. They will be notified by their coach/trainer.

What does this mean?

PSI Soccer Academy and WOSPAC Boarding Soccer Academy are two organizations that work together in organizing an international stay for soccer players in Barcelona. They provide an exclusive concept that improves the athletic, personal and academic performance. Selected players from PSI Soccer Academy can follow a season, quarterly, monthly or weekly stay at WOSPAC with the corresponding education, a full-board stay, accommodation and assistance added. They care about the players that join them as much as improving their technical level as a soccer player as well as the academic and personal education. Furthermore, they focus on personal attention, the values of companionship and team feeling, which are all transferred from the soccer field to accommodation and to the classrooms. Furthermore, the best Barcelona Boarding Soccer Academy has exceptional partnerships with federations and the most competitive clubs in the soccer world that allow us to offer unique opportunities to train and play against the best youth teams in Spain like UE Cornellà Club.

Why UE Cornellà of Barcelona?

UE Cornellà is one of the TOP 10 Soccer academies in Spain and one of the best professional clubs in Catalonia. In the last 5 years’ more than 100 players have been transferred from UE Cornellà Club to pro clubs. They provide our youth with the best available training and the final goal will be increasing the quantity and quality of top-level players at professional and international level.

There is competitiveness among those selected, what improves motivation and self-confidence, here players can be seen by clubs in Spain and Europe, players create a network that can last a lifetime, obtain opportunities and there are a lot more reasons why there is an establishment with UE Cornellà!

What is included?

2/3 training sessions with UE Cornellà Academy

3-5 Days Training sessions per week with WOSPAC

More than 30 games per season.

Full-board accommodation (incl. Food, Gym, Pool, Sauna)

International School (Education)

Learning a different culture, improving your English and Spanish

Meet players, coaches and scouts from all over the world and be a part of a worldwide network.

It is an investment in the future of a player.

Make friends for life and create a beautiful soccer network.

This product offered by PSI Soccer Academy and WOSPAC in terms of service and quality exceeds any proposal offered by other companies in this sector. UE Cornellà and WOSPAC have programs for a season, quarterly, monthly or weekly, and test days.



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These stays will be manage by WOSPAC Boarding School Soccer Academy, see WOSPAC in a way of a mediator between PSI Soccer Academy and UE Cornellà Club.

They arrange everything around the player, they can provide top-level services such as beautiful facilities, personal attention, soccer residence with restaurant, clinic, pool, and gym, a highly qualified technical body with demonstrable experience for more than 12 years and they worked with more than thousands of players.

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